1.     What is i-Lotus GPS Asset tracking?
Our GPS tracking device uses the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of a vehicle, person, or other asset to which it is attached. The position is recorded at regular intervals or on-demand and is transmitted to a central database using a cellular (GPRS) modem embedded in the unit. This allows the location to be displayed on a map in real-time or over a span of time in Control Center.
2.     What is Geofencing?
A GeoFence allows a customer to define a virtual geographical area to ensure vehicles do not go outside or into a pre-determined area. If a designated boundary is crossed, the customer will receive a notification or alert that can be delivered via E-Mail or SMS. Geofencing provides greater control for people who are tracking vehicles. Whether there is a specific route or areas that are "off limits" for safety purposes, Geofencing provides peace-of-mind that the GPS tracking devices are showing your vehicles are where they should be at all times.
3.     What are GPS Telemetry Alerts?
GPS Telemetry Alerts are unique limits that a customer can set up for their tracked asset. When the limit is broken, it will display immediately on the i-Lotus Asset Tracking Software™ and you can have an email or text message is sent to you depending upon your requirements. If a speed limit or a Geofence, for example, is broken, the customer will be notified. Depending on which GPS vehicle tracking system or service plan the customer chooses, they will be alerted to these types of occurrences:
  -   30 times per month
  -   60 times per month or,
  -   200 times per month.
4.     How many assets am I able to track one time?
Our hardware and software solution gives you the ability to track from 1 single asset in our shared hosted solution, to up to 5 million assets (assuming 1 message every 10 minute interval) with our enterprise solution, which is architecturally designed to handle up to 8,000 messages per second.
5.     What are the Hardware / Software requirements of the i-Lotus Asset Tracking Software™?
The hardware requirements are dependent on the amount of assets you need tracked. For example, a Premium i-Lotus Solution with tracking capabilities of up to 10 thousand assets you require
6.     Does the i-Lotus GPS Asset Tracking Solution™ come with everything I need, including software?
Yes, all you require is an internet browser to view the system in operation.
7.     Does the i-Lotus Asset Tracking Software™ work anywhere in the world?
Yes, using the very flexible FX Oncore Titan™ tracking device, the i-Lotus Asset Tracking Software™ solution can be implemented anywhere in the world.
8.     Is vehicle tracking legal?
Employers who own their vehicles have a right to monitor their property. GPS Vehicle Tracking is very similar to cameras and other monitoring devices that are commonly used by employers.
9.     How many GPIO's am I able to connect from the FX Oncore Titan™?
You have the ability to connect 6 GPO, 8 GPI, and 6 ADCs.
10.   What telemetry alerts are available?
  -   Exceed Speed
  -   Exceed Acceleration
  -   Excessive Idle
  -   Overturned Motion
  -   Jerky Motion
  -   Excessive Vibration
  -   Ignition On/Off
  -   Breach Geofence
  -   Power Cable Cut
  -   GPS Antenna Cable Cut
11.   How do I mount the GPS tracking unit properly?
The FX Oncore Titan™ will be installed inside the vehicle, under the dashboard where it will not be visible.
12.   Is the position and placement of the FX Oncore Titan™ and GPS Antenna important?
Yes, GPS tracking accuracy is dependent upon proper placement of the GPS tracking device. Optimum performance is achieved when the GPS tracking antenna has a view of the satellite without solid obstructions. Taking a few minutes to locate the best location for the GPS antenna will reward you with the best possible tracking data.
Inside the vehicle, the best possible antenna position is the Front or rear window panel. This provides the optimal mounting location due to proximity of an outside window and provides a virtually invisible installation.
13.   How does the GPS receive signals under my car?
The FX Oncore Titan™ device uses an extended GPS antenna to receive GPS location data, which is mounted under the front or rear windscreen in clear view of the sky.
14.   Can I see a demonstration of the i-Lotus GPS Asset Tracking Software™?
Yes, we have numerous demonstration videos located on the "Software Demonstration" page of our website. Click here to be taken there directly.
15.   Do I need to worry about filling up the memory of the FX Oncore Titan™ hardware or i-Lotus GPS Asset Tracking Software™?
No, the FX Oncore Titan™ hardware will continuously do a round-robin, overwriting previous data; which mean the latest data is held in the built-in flash. The i-Lotus Asset Tracking Software™ will automatically archive data depending on your housekeeping configuration (Example: Archive every 7 days). Your archived data can always be retrieved and historically tracked using the historical tracking feature.
16.   Can I use the i-Lotus GPS Asset Tracking™ system for stolen vehicle recovery?
Yes you can. As long as the FX Oncore Titan™ is powered and sending and receiving data, you will be able to track it using the i-Lotus GPS Asset Tracking Software™.
17.   Does the FX Oncore Titan™ have a motion sensor in it?
Yes, the FX Oncore Titan™ can detect motion and vibration even during sleep mode. Vibration and motion detection alerts can be sent to your mobile phone via SMS immediately, acting as a valuable security feature ensuring your assets are never tampered with.
18.   Will changing the updating frequency affect the battery life of the FX Oncore Titan™?
The battery life is dependent upon the update interval you set in the administration page of the i-Lotus Asset Tracking Software™. As a guide, when the main power is cut, the internal battery will last approximately 4 hours with a send interval set at every 3 minutes.
19.   How long does it take to install the FX Oncore Titan™?
Installation time is highly dependent upon the particular vehicle of installation. On average, the careful installation of the FX Oncore Titan™ and GPS Antenna will take approximately 45 minutes.
20.   What kind of reports will I receive?
You can fetch online reports immediately which reveal live and historical data. You will also receive offline reports via E-Mail or other means, daily, weekly and monthly, depending on your requirements.
21.   Does the i-Lotus GPS Asset Tracking Software™ store historical data?
Yes, the i-Lotus GPS Asset Tracking Software™ archives all Agent transmissions, providing an accurate current and historical audit trail on each computer. This allows administrators to see how their assets are changing over time, enabling them to better plan and budget for their IT needs.
22.   Is the service always "on"?
Yes. The i-Lotus Asset Tracking Software™ service is always on and always tracking, while remaining invisible to the end-user. This allows customers to monitor asset changes as they occur.
23.   Can user defined computer groups be created?
Yes. Administrators have the ability to create user groups and filter reports or alerts to specific groups of machines. User groups can be created based on department, geographical area, or any other criteria. User groups can also be used with access rights to restrict a particular user to view only a certain group.
24.   What is the Return policy for the FX Oncore Titan™?
We are committed to quality, performance and reliability, and offer a 1 year return policy on our tracking devices.