The FX Oncore TitanTM is an advanced dual-powered vehicle tracking device utilizing integrated GPS and GSM capabilities. This tamper-proof application environment is designed for low cost, accurate and reliable vehicle management support of which requires speedy installation and implementation. Supporting GSM Euro-band 900/1800/1900MHz, this device transmits GPS data on event or demand via the GSM Network utilizing fail over SMS or GPRS communication. This system is suitable for applications where location acquirement, tracking and important asset information of remote objects is required.
Location Services
-    GPS Tracking
-    Mapping
-    Immobilization
-    Geofencing
Hardware Features
-    85.0 x 53.3 x 25.6 mm
-    SiRF Powered 12 Channel Receiver
-    Triband (900/1800MHz/1900MHz)
-    ARM 32 bit Microprocessor
-    Standby Rechargeable Battery
-    Internal Memory
Telemetry Services
-    Ignition On/Off
-    Vibration Alert
-    Power Cut Alert
-    Antenna Cut Alert
-    Exceed Speed Limit Alert
-    Exceed Acceleration Alert
-    Exceed Deceleration Alert
-    Jerky Motion Alert
-    Overturned Motion Alert
-    Advanced Reports