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M12M Navigation Oncore

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The M12M Navigation Oncoreā„¢ receiver is an intelligent 12 Channel GPS sensor intended to be used as a component in a precision positioning, navigation, or timing system. The M12M is capable of providing precise autonomous position, velocity, and time information instantly.
With the support for inverse differential GPS operation, M12M gives highly precise location accuracy.
Fastest Time To First Fix (TTFF) specifications in the industry with split second reacquisition times.
Using Inverse DGPS to achieve high accuracy, M12M is designed for applications that need precision location.
Include RTCM differential GPS support, NMEA 0183 output, two communications ports, a user-controlled velocity filter, and an antenna sense circuit.
At only 155 mW @ 3 V without antenna, 5 mAh cells, gives 2 weeks to 1 month of backup time for fast fix.

Key Features
  • 12 Channel Simultaneous Operation
  • < 15s typical Hot start TTFF
  • < 40s typical Warm Start TTFF
  • < 60s typical Cold Start TTFF
  • < 1.0 s internal reacquisition
  • Antenna Current sense detection
  • Inverse/ DGPS support
  • 155mW Power consumption @ 3V Operation