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M12M Timing Oncore

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M12M Timing Oncore™ Receiver is a 12 channel precise GPS timing module that gives you up to nano seconds accuracy of time synchronization. Features included precise, programmable, one-pulse-per-second (1PPS) or 100 pulse-per-second (100PPS) outputs. Built with cost effective in mind, you can equip your stationary applications with precise GPS or UTC time synchronization at an affordable cost. M12M Timing also incorporates the Timing RAIM (Receiver autonomous integrity monitoring) algorithm to ensure validity and reliable GPS measurements.
Design to work in tough conditions, M12M undergoes various drop and temperature test before rolling out into the market.
Extensive testing of M12M Timing Oncore™, ensures a high level of performance accuracy of 2 nano seconds.
Averages a total of 10,000 valid 2D and 3D position fixes to determine precise position, simplifies system installation for static timing applications.
Using position-hold Modes, M12M enables fast time resolution rather than positioning update.
Provide up to 10dBm of immunity, utilizing the Adaptive Tracking Loops algorithm built in the firmware.
Utilizing M12M Timing Oncore™’s clock granularity software output, 1 PPS output can be resolved within only 2 nano seconds of UTC time immediately, reducing noise and accelerating host clock disciplining process.

Key Features
  • 12 Channel simultaneous operation
  • Fully calibrated to UTC at USNO
  • Performance using clock granularity message
  • < 2nS 1 Sigma average
  • < 6nS 6 Sigma average
  • Performance not using clock granularity message
  • < 10nS 1 Sigma average
  • < 20nS 6 Sigma average
  • 155mW Power consumption