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M12M Evaluation Kit

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The M12M Evaluation Kit™ simplifies the task of evaluating the performance of our GPS receivers using a reference platform. This evaluation kit is a complete evaluation and demonstration solution with the ability of operating in remote locations due to portability. This PC-based evaluation kit is built-in with USB and RS-232 interface so customers have the convenience of using the 2 most common interfaces used in the industry. By using the USB interface, it eliminates the need for an external power supply and offers the luxury of a high-speed data transfer. The evaluation kit is stylishly compact and coupled with the user-friendly and intelligent SiRF Oncore software making it ideally suited for use in a laboratory, vehicle and outdoor locations. The versatility of this evaluation kit makes it the perfect companion through all stages of design and testing.

Key Features
  • SiRF Oncore™ Software
  • Dual interface (USB/RS232)
  • Dual Power (USB/External DC)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Compact and portable
  • Module Sample
  • GPS Active Antenna