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Oncore GPS Silver Antenna

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The i-Lotus Oncore Silver Antenna™ is a compact, durable and waterproof magnetic mount external antenna. Featuring an on-board high-gain, low-noise amplifier, this high-performance, high sensitivity GPS antenna combines advanced operational and protection features, low power consumption, and highly affordable pricing.

These characteristics make it ideal for telematics, fleet management, navigation, tracking, and other applications that require a durable, high-performance GPS antenna. For maximum compatibility with the host receiver, Oncore Silver Antenna™ accepts supply voltages from +3VDC to +5VDC and is attached via an SMA or, MMCX, or connector.

Key Features
  • LNA Gain: 27 dB typ @2.7V(+25°C)
  • Antenna Frequency Range: 1575.42MHz +/-3MHz
  • Mounting: Magnet mount
  • Cable Length: 2M / 5M
  • Water Proof: 100% waterproof
  • Operation Temperature: -40°c to + 85°c