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TX Oncore

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The TX Oncore™ is a high performance, accurate and cost-effective GPS timing receiver featuring the ALL NEW Smart-Start™ Technology. With the ability of tracking 16 satellites simultaneously, and a sensitivity of up to -159dBm, this receiver also supports the AGPS augmentation system. This industrial grade timing receiver includes a 1PPS accuracy of <20 nanoseconds, 1PPS configurability options, and 1PPS output even when the RF signal is completely lost. Backward-compatibility using an adapter board facilitates the seamless migration from the M12M Timing Receiver™ to the new TX Oncore™. This cost-effective solution is custom designed to be applied in an extensive variety of time synchronization applications where precise timing, superior performance, reliability and streamlined integration are paramount. Extending the intelligence, quality, and market impact our current technological advances have on the industry, the TX Oncore™ uniquely defines a balance between high-performance and cost-effectiveness in the development of this complete GPS timing receiver.

Key Features
  • Smart-Start™ Technology
  • High Sensitivity up to -159 dBm
  • Price to Performance value
  • Industrial Grade -40C to +85C
  • 1PPS with 1 satellite in view
  • 1PPS even when RF signal is lost
  • 1PPS accuracy <20 nanoseconds
  • 1PPS configurability
  • 1PPS inversion capability
  • Supports UART, USB, CAN or I2C interfaces